TweetDeck v0.19b Details

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

It’s been far too long since the previous update so here is a bumper update just to make up for it. The biggest change is that the UI has been improved, the buttons have been replaced with icons and the column width has been reduced. In essence everything is a bit tighter and this allows much more UI room for future service integration.

New functionality in this version includes:

  • able to delete the All Tweets column so you can really filter the noise using groups
  • able to ”turn off twitter updates” button in settings window so you can use TweetDeck purely as a desktop twitter search, 12seconds, TwitScoop client
  • added Refresh button to main UI window
  • able to follow or unfollow from the profile panel
  • able to favorite or unfavorite a tweet
  • able to mark a tweet as read or unread
  • able to delete a tweet from TweetDeck (not from twitter, just TweetDeck)
  • able to temporarily clear the column of all tweets
  • new Profile panel now includes live profile & tweet archive from twitter
A favorite column will be added very shortly.