TweetDeck v0.18.1b Details

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

TweetDeck v0.18.1 is primarily a bug fix release, hence the .1 version number. There should be a much more interesting v0.19 at the end of the week. Here is what has been updated:

  • Added Retweet button for 12seconds videos in the 12seconds column
  • Added a “Tweet Colors” button to the settings window > Colors/Font tab to auto tweet your color scheme (somebody asked for it and it was a 2 minute job :-)
  • Added links underlined in tweets

  • Added single click to activate links - rather than having to click on the column to activate it then the link to actually go there now everything should be a one click operation whether TweetDeck is the application in focus or not
  • Updated hashtags to link to - previous hashtags pointed to but not all hashtags are supported so have changed url to point to
  • Fixed global search where contains # character such as #140
  • Fixed encoding problem with url shorteners - twurl was cutting off url to be shortened at & symbol
  • Fixed not remembering primary font bug - this was actually only happening when black was chosen as the primary font 
  • Fixed tweet box character count when replying to multiple people
  • Fixed URLs ending with . or ) regular expression
  • Fixed link leakage problem - related to fixed URL regular expression, occasionally if you clicked on the text of a tweet where there were no links, it would link off somewhere completely unrelated - this was actually caused by a link from a tweet above “leaking” over - this should not happen anymore
  • Fixed application quit bug in Windows - in Windows, choosing Exit from the system tray (whilst minimized), or Exit from the menu bar closed the window but not the application, TweetDeck.exe was still running in the Task Manager. This process had to be force quit in order to open TweetDeck again. Now it should quit completely and cleanly.
  • That’s all for this release, see you all very soon for v0.19