Trending: The Wach-ness

Monday, 29 September 2008

A Monday morning roundup of what we’re all thinking about this morning on Twitter.

  • Wachovia has rocketed to the top trend as folks twitter nervously regarding news of its acquisition by Citi Group.
  • #atlgas is trending because people in Atlanta, Georgia have devised a clever way to help each other find gas during a sudden shortage.
  • TinaFey has everyone a-twitter yet again as folks praise her spot on satire of vice presidential hopeful Sarah Palin.
  • has hit trend paydirt as folks draw conclusions based on the fact that it redirects to

Sarah Palin, Bailout, SNL, and Citigroup are also trending as the economy and this election continue to dominate our collective consciousness.


Dow and #bailout have climbed to top spots on the trends as folks react to the House’s rejection of the financial bailout package.