Trending: "iDon't Think So"

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

This morning’s tour of Twitter trends.

  • Apple has captured the top trend today as people react to the company’s bold threat to close the world’s biggest music store if American music publishers raise royalties 66%.
  • NDA and iPhone are also trending because Apple has announced it will no longer require app developers to keep their projects under wraps.
  • Halloween is trending this morning as lots of folks note that October has arrived and Twitter excitedly—about a month, of all things.
  • Phish has reunited and it’s generating a mix of twitter updates ranging from “who cares” to “break out the hacky sack.”
  • #mimasum08 is happening right now and people are twittering about Ze Frank’s presentation at the Minnesota Interactive Marketing Association Summit.
  • FOWA Miami has made it to the trends even though the event hasn’t even happened yet—folks are just excited about going.

Sarah Palin, Senate, and #bailout continue to trend.