Trending: Bailouts, Suspensions, and Tweet-ups

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Our daily pre-noon roundup of current Twitter trends.

  • Palin has folks a-twitter since her spontaneous press availability this morning and her chat with reporters at Ground Zero.
  • Jack Thompson is stirring things up again this time on Twitter as folks react to his permanent disbarment with a collective w00t.
  • Obama is picking up tweets today as people wonder aloud whether he will take the television time allotted for the debate for himself.
  • Congress and Wall Street are back on Twitter as folks tweet nervously about the recent agreement regarding the bailouts.
  • #cdninst has made its way onto the trends list today as folks apparently gather in Canada to discuss software of various sorts and kinds.
  • John McCain is all over the place on Twitter since announcing that he’s suspending his campaign and canceling on Letterman.
  • Y Combinator’s newest graduate, a link-sharing service called SocialBrowse is building interest as folks react to its public launch.
  • Twestival was trending earlier as folks in London geared up for “a tweet-up with a social conscience” going on now.