Ow, My Aiken Trends

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Here’s quick look at today’s fresh trends as of about 11am PST.

  • Clay Aiken started trending yesterday and he’s topping the charts today—his official coming out has people Twittering in ironic shock.
  • Matt Millen is stepping down from his role as vice president of the Detroit Lions causing many virtual high-fives in the form of tweets.
  • PETA is getting attention as folks react strongly to the suggestion that Ben and Jerry’s make ice cream from human breast milk.
  • #picnic08 was topping the trends earlier but has fallen off as attendees of this conference in Amsterdam settle in for the evening.

On the political front, Obama, Sarah Palin, Biden, and McCain are trending as expected. Apple, iPhone, T-Mobile G1, and AT&T are still trending as yesterday’s technology news continues to drive discussion.


  • John McCain jumped to the number one trend after news that he’s canceling the first presidential debate.