If you like using TweetDeck, please vote for us!

Friday, 21 November 2008

It’s obviously awards season so if you find TweetDeck of use please show us some love and vote for TweetDeck in the Mashable Open Web Awards and The Crunchies. You can also submit your vote via the widgets at tweetdeck.com.

TweetDeck has made it through the nominations round and into the first voting round of the Mashable Open Web Awards, and looking at the rules you are allowed one vote per category per day - so if you really like TweetDeck you could vote for it every day :-) TweetDeck is in the Social Networking Applications category.

We’ve also entered TweetDeck into The Crunchies - there are a number of relevant categories where TweetDeck could go but we’ve narrowed it down to Best App since the other categories specifically relate to sites rather than apps. Not sure how we’ll fair in this category up against apps developed by whole teams but it’s worth a punt anyway.