Happy Happy Joyent

Wednesday, 30 January 2008

We’ve noticed that people really like to use Twitter during shared events—and not just scary events like earthquakes or presidential campaigns. The Super Bowl is a shared event for an estimated 130-140 million people in the United States. It makes us glad that our trusty infrastructure provider Joyent has us covered with extra capacity—for free!

Happy Happy JoyentIn fact, throughout our amazing growth, Twitter has relied on Joyent’s highly scalable infrastructure. While we’re busy building Twitter, Joyent is working tirelessly to bring in more RAM, more CPUs, more hardware, and more late night support—never charging us for bandwidth is worth an extra mention.

The decision to choose Joyent at an early stage was one of the big decisions that contributed to Twitter’s success. If you are building a Web app and you need to scale it to Twitter size, Joyent can absolutely help you grow. Thanks Joyent, and go Patriots! (Or Giants, if that’s your thing.)