Get your questions answered @ChaCha

Monday, 14 April 2008

Get your questions answered @ChaCha

I heard about the answer-service ChaCha a couple weeks ago. The first question I asked it was “Would a veggie burrito make a good lunch?” A couple minutes later, I got a response that said “A veggie burrito would make an excellent lunch. It’s fast and cheap and vegetarian to boot.” Now that’s the kind of reinforcement I need!

Well now ChaCha is available via Twitter. You can read about the integration on their site. But it’s pretty simple:

  1. Follow the Twitter user ChaCha
  2. Send your question as an @ reply (e.g. “@chacha Does it matter if the soil is wet or dry before re-potting a houseplant?”)
  3. A couple minutes later you’ll get your answer (“@goldman Let the pot go dry. With your fist, bang the bottom of the old pot and the plant, root ball and all, will come out intact.”)

Good times.