Finding Nemo—Or, Name Search is Back!

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Finding Nemo—Or, Name Search is Back!

If that loveably overprotective clownfish had access to Twitter’s new and improved Name Search he never would have gone on that extraordinary adventure but there is no need for you to go on such a roundabout trip if you’re looking for another Twitter user named Nemo. Or Shaq, or Biz, or Ev. Looking for someone on Twitter? Just click “Find People” in the navigation bar at the top of your Twitter home page.

Finding Nemo—Or, Name Search is Back!Name Search results page.

Twitter is much more valuable when you can find the accounts of the people or organizations you care about—whether they’re friends, news organizations, or the airline that will be taking to see your family over the holidays. You’ll notice that our new name search is much faster, more relevant, and it even has a phonetic similarity algorithm which is basically fancy talk for spell check on names. For example, if you type in “Even Williamz” it will ask you, “Did you mean Evan Williams?” Try it out!

Thanks to @abdur, @stevej, @robey, @jeremy, @rael, and @bs for bringing this hugely important feature back to life!