Do You Want Sandy?

Saturday, 9 February 2008

Sandy is a virtual assistant that works over Twitter—She remembers details so you can focus on what’s important. Sandy is an innovative service from the same folks who created Stikkit. The way the Twitter integration works is that you follow Sandy, she follows you back, and then you can interact with her over Twitter.

Do You Want Sandy?

For example, say you wanted to remember something while you are out. You can send a direct text message to Sandy—her Twitter username is just the letter “s” so it’s really short and easy to text. Let’s say you wanted to remember to do something in 15 minutes, your exchange with Sandy over SMS might look something like this.

You: d s hi
Sandy: Hi, I’m Sandy, your personal assistant.
You: remember lunch with biz in 15 mins

In 15 minutes, you’ll be reminded that we’re having lunch together. Try it out, you can create an account here and learn more about interacting with Sandy over Twitter here.