37signals Likes Twitter for Business

Friday, 25 January 2008

Sarah Hatter from lauded software company 37signals emailed to say that “Twitter has become an invaluable tool for us to stay in communication with our customers.” The folks at 37signals track public updates for mention of their company or products so they can respond in real-time if necessary.

We’re able to see what people are saying about us or our products, and if they report a problem or slowness with Basecamp, immediately twitter them back. If they have contact information on their profile page, we send them a direct email from our support address asking for more info so we can troubleshoot the problem for them. It opens up this whole new level of contact with our customers and we’re able to proactively handle support requests within seconds of problems being reported.

During a recent conference co-sponsored by 37signals, Sarah was able to Twitter status updates regarding a sudden service interruption. “If we didn’t have the Twitter account, I would have had to sit down and update our status blog by hand, which is totally 2002.”