WWDC, who's in?

Monday, 11 June 2007

Going to Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference? Want to know who else there is using Twitter? Our friends at IconFactory have updated the much loved Twitterrific application to let you know when other Twitter users are near!:

Twitterrific now scans for other users on the local network using Bonjour. When your friends are “close by” their avatar image will have a white outline. You can also use Cmd-B to see a list of all people on the local network that are using Twitterrific and their last tweet. Hopefully, this will be effective in environments where Twitter users are in the same physical space (such as WWDC). Thanks to Jack Dorsey for the idea.

If you have a Mac and will be attending, download the WWDC edition of Twitterrific (even if you won’t be attending, you can see who on your local network is also using Twitter). See you at the keynote!