Tracking Zeitgeist: 'Overheard'

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Twitter Track has been tracking concepts, interests, and keywords over SMS and IM for nearly 2 weeks now. One of the most popular keywords being tracked is overheard. It’s kinda like Overheard in New York—but global. Some recent matches:

Overheard in the hallway: “hey, we know each other through Twitter!” –Alex de Carvalho

Overheard: “so you know I’m donating my kidney to my sister…” –Chris Wetherell

To track what other people are overhearing, send track overheard to Twitter. Had enough? Send untrack overheard. Have you overheard something you must share with others? Simply include the word overheard in your update and share it with others. What interesting words are you tracking on Twitter?