The Twitter API Respects Your Privacy

Thursday, 24 May 2007

The Guardian Technology Blog posted incorrect information about Twitter this morning. The Twitter API respects protected updates and does not have a privacy ‘glitch.’

So what the heck are they talking about? Some Twitter users willingly provided their usernames and passwords to a mash-up project called Twittervision (a service unaffiliated with Twitter except that it accesses our API). They did this so they could be part of the fun and access more Twittervision features. However, Twittervision was not checking to see if any of these folks had marked their updates as “protected.” Starting today David Troy, the creator of Twittervision, tells us he’ll make sure to check for this.

As a reminder, please note that mash-ups and other experimental projects built using the Twitter API are totally awesome and fun but developed by folks outside of Twitter. So, we don’t necessarily test them all out. If privacy is a concern, we remind you to refrain from supplying your Twitter username and password to other people, sites, or services. For more information about privacy, please have a look at our Privacy Policy.