Text JOIN SXSW to 40404

Friday, 9 March 2007

Unfortunately, it appears that everyone using Gmail got our latest Twitter email update sent directly to their spam folder. Bummer! Anyway, one of the things we said was that if you are going to Austin like us, you can text JOIN SXSW to 40404 to show up on the plasma screens. Please do! Also, here’s the rest of the email:

Hey-o, Twitter-ers!

We’re getting ready for SXSW! Are you? If you’re heading to Austin,
please join us. Text JOIN SXSW to 40404 from your mobile phone and
your updates will be displayed on the high definition plasma
displays in the hallways of the Austin Convention Center. You’ll
also get automatically connected to other conference attendees.
It’s going to be fun! Not going to Texas? We still love you, come
see us online: http://twitter.com!

Heavy Twitters

We’ve spotted some interesting new Twitter users ‘round these parts.
John Edwards is using Twitter to update from the presidential
campaign trail. We’re following this closely because we’re
interested in seeing how Twitter plays out in this political
setting. We’ve also noticed the guys from, A Cursive Memory—an
awesome band we like also heading to Austin. I’m following them
both and it makes for an interesting mix along with my friends.

John Edwards: http://twitter.com/johnedwards
A Cursive Memory: http://twitter.com/acursivememory


Twitter has only been launched publicly for about half a year but
the idea took life March, 13 2006 so we’re going to be celebrating
our first birthday! It also happens to be my birthday on March 10th.
We’ll be in Austin, so I’m planning on crashing the 8bit party and
pretending that it’s all for me. If you’re around come say hi to
some of us from Twitter—we might even have a few limited edition
Twitter t-shirts left to give away!

8bit (My Birthday) Party: http://upcoming.org/event/152142

Welcome Britt and Alex

There was this rumor that the two best Rails engineers in the
world (besides the ones already working at Obvious) were living
somewhere in the US. Legend had it that one was in Washington DC
and the other was in Kentucky. We tracked them down and hired
them! They’re already working to make Twitter better and they’ll
be moving to San Francisco shortly. Welcome, Britt and Alex!

Britt: http://twitter.com/bs
Alex: http://twitter.com/al3x

71Miles.com Launches

One of the super-secret startups sharing office space with Twitter
finally de-cloaked and launched last week. It’s called 71miles
because it is the definitive guide to weekend trips around major
cities starting with the San Francisco Bay Area. The suggestions
and reviews are top-notch and the technology-tweaking that these
guys did to build the site is really impressive.

Go Somewhere this Weekend: http://71miles.com

If you do go somewhere this weekend—don’t forget to Twitter! Also,
don’t forget to check out all the fun widgets, applications, and
other stuff people have built using our API on the Twitter Fan Wiki,
http://twitter.pbwiki.com — there’s some amazing stuff in there.
We’ve got lots to be happy about, see you in Texas!

Happy Twittering!