Downtime Rescheduled, Shorter

Sunday, 16 December 2007

We announced on Friday that we were going to be doing some maintenance on Twitter all day today. It turns out we were able to do most of the work without taking Twitter offline. It may have been better referred to as a “maintenance window” but we wanted to make sure you were aware just the same.

Downtime Rescheduled, ShorterHowever, to make the final move to our new data center we will definitely need take Twitter offline for about four hours while we copy the database over. So, please take note of the newly scheduled down-time for Twitter: 10PM—2AM PST starting Sunday evening. Thanks!

Update (12/17 12a): We ran into a minor glitch and will be taking 1 more hour of down-time.  Thank you for your patience!

Update (12/17 3a): We’re slowly bringing services back up.  You’ll probably see some slowness for a while.  We hope to be back up to speed before your finish your bagel and coffee, NYC.

Update (12/17 5a): We’re still working on fixing some issues causing massive slowness site-wide. We’re on it.

Update (12/17 6a): We’re waiting on a fix to our network switch which we’ve determined is causing the slowness we’re seeing.  More soon.