Are You Twittering @ Me?

Wednesday, 30 May 2007

At some point, Twitter-ers came up with their own method of directing updates to one another using an @ symbol. We started supporting this behavior by doing things like creating the in reply to link, confining the reply messages to friends in the loop, and linking the @username to a profile. Another layer of support to this behavior is a feature we launched tonight which collects updates directed at you—just in case you missed ‘em.

Are You Twittering @ Me?The Replies page is where you can go to see all the updates that folks have intentionally Twittered in your general direction. In other words, if somebody Twitters “@biz liking the new Replies tab!” it will get saved at For more info, check out these support documents Crystal wrote up: What is the Replies tab?, and What does @username do?