We Made Twitter Easier to Join

Friday, 20 October 2006

Now you can create a free Twitter account without giving us a phone number. Previously we were asking for a phone number up front but user testing showed that some folks wanted to sign up and kick the tires first.

So if you haven’t joined Twitter yet, head on over and sign up with just an email address. You won’t be able to take advantage of all the fun mobile texting features of Twitter until you decide to input your number in Settings but you can still do lots of stuff.

    With Web-only Twitter You Can Still:
  • Update your Twitter timeline on the web
  • Place a Twitter Badge on your MySpace or blog
  • Let friends receive your web updates via their mobiles
  • Send direct texts from the web to individual friends
  • Upload your profile pic and link to your home page
  • Invite friends by email or phone number

Even though we did a lot of behind the scenes type stuff, that’s today’s major update. Come on over and try out Twitter if you haven’t already.