Use Twitter by Instant Message!

Thursday, 26 October 2006

You already know that you can interact with Twitter at our web site or by texting from your mobile phone but now you can use IM to do everything that you can do over SMS. This is good when you’re working on your computer and you don’t want to visit or start sending and receiving SMS. IM is always there and easy but it’s a little less demanding of your attention.

Use Twitter by Instant Message!

Please consider the IM feature in Beta for now because we are only supporting the open source IM system called Jabber—it’s the same one that Google uses for the Gtalk feature in their free email service, Gmail. So if you have a Gmail account then you already have a Jabber account.

    Setting Up Your Twitter IM
  1. Sign in to
  2. Go to Settings > IM
  3. Enter your full Gmail address (or Jabber address)
  4. Click “Save”

Twitter will send you an IM with a link—click that link and you’re all set. You will be able to send commands like GET BIZ to [email protected] and instantly receive my latest update. All the commands are here. Jabber also works with iChat on Mac and Trillian Pro on Windows. Learn more about Jabber here.