Twitter Updates

Thursday, 7 September 2006

Today we’re launching new features at Twitter. Most noticeable is a visual redesign of the web site complete with trees, clouds, and waterfalls thanks to Amy Franceschini and Future Farmers. Other new features and conveniences include the following.

Easier Invitations - We made it so you can invite friends from the web or your phone. To invite a friend by phone send a text to 40404 with the word “add” and your friends phone number. To invite lots of friends at once click on “add friends” or “Invite!” at and enter some email addresses.

New Badges for Your Web Site - Let your myspace friends know why you’re not online with one of two new, customizable Twitter badges. One badge uses Flash and you can pick a color scheme. The other badge uses JavaScript to create a simple line of text that you can apply your own design to with CSS or HTML.

More Control - You can decide which friends’ updates get sent to your mobile phone and which friends you’d prefer to check online. Plus, you can decide if you want to protect your updates from the general public and just keep them among friends or put them out there for all to read.

Mobile Texting Lingo - Most of the stuff you can do at can also be done by texting simple commands to 40404. For example, you can update, add friends, turn mobile updates on or off—including on an individual basis, nudge another Twitter person who hasn’t updated in a while and more.

Also, there’s a new place in Settings for entering a link to another web site if you have one—it will show up under your name. Hope you like the new look. Let us know what you think.