Six More Twitter Updates!

Tuesday, 14 November 2006

In case you thought we were resting on our laurels, we present to you the following recent additions to Twitter.

  1. Favorites! When you come across a Twitter update that you really like you can save it by clicking the little star. We collect your favorites for you so you can get back to them any time.
  2. Delete! Deleting may not seem like an exciting feature but when a late-night Twitter doesn’t seem that great the next day you’ll be glad we stuck it in there.
  3. Top 10! Now that we have a way for people to pick favorites we can put together fun pages like the Top 10 Favorite Twitters. (Note: The Top 10 page is not ready for prime time yet because people are still kicking the tires of this feature.)
  4. Messages! You can get direct messages from other Twitter users that you have designated as “Friend.” These messages are not Twitter updates, they are notes directly to you and we archive them on the web in case you choose not to receive them via SMS or IM.
  5. Timestamps! We like to keep things casual with regard to when you sent in your last update with language like “about 2 hours ago” but after 24 hours that gets a little silly. After 24 hours we now assign a more formal time stamp to your update like this, “11:11AM November 13, 2006.”
  6. User Search! In your sidebar just above all the thumbnail images of your friends we have added a text field that lets you search for people in Twitter. You can search by name, email, or phone and if we find the person you’re looking for we will display their profile image for you to click.

We’ve also been spending some time sprucing up the FAQs and help pages at if you happen to have some pressing questions.