Is It Polite to Twitter?

Wednesday, 15 November 2006

I’ve noticed here and there that folks have been wondering aloud whether or not they might be bothering others when they update their Twitter. It’s nice to know there are Twitter users out there with such delicate empathy for their texting brethren.

It’s a fair concern to be sure. That’s why we’ve built features to alleviate this type of worry. For one thing, people who receive your updates have requested them. In fact, they desire to read your updates and may even nudge you to do so on a more frequent basis.

Also, besides choosing how to receive the updates they have requested (via Web, Phone, or IM), folks can select what we call “Sleep Time” in their Twitter Settings—the texting equivalent of those iconic Do Not Disturb signs hotels provide visitors.

So if you’re worried about bothering your friends with the little thoughts, feelings, and other captions from the moments of your daily life I urge you to relax and give in to the joy of Twittering. Your friends and followers want those updates and if they change their mind, we’ve got them covered.