Friday Afternoon Update

Friday, 8 September 2006

Right now people on Twitter are surfing, sleeping, working, looking for a good mechanic, spinning, showering, blogging, waiting, wine tasting, meeting with a guy named dan, listening to adult podcasts, surrounded by sorority girls, eating chips and salsa, lunching, drinking beer, discovering things, sitting on a fat ass, testing, feeling slightly ill, preparing for karaoke, considering making tea, smoking, loathing, wishing, microblogging, quitting, thinking, photographing a wedding, applying to work at Starbucks, bringing sexy back, ordering falafel, designing a flyer, chilling with friends, getting starbucks, eating chili and garlic bread, washing the car, running errands, shopping, eating too much, being laughed at, downloading music, stuck at work, going to subway, heading out, learning perforce, wishing canadian tire sold retro sneakers, getting back into the groove, lost somewhere in southern california, going to mcdonald’s, remembering, thinking, air guitaring, and eating take out.