Using Twitter during the Ayodhya verdict

Saturday, 9 November 2019

Today is a very important day for India and the people we serve across the country. At Twitter, we represent all perspectives and the strength of the public conversation. 

We know emotions will run extraordinarily high, and many people will turn to Twitter to share their thoughts and feelings. Below are some points to remember when using Twitter over the coming days:

  1. Follow trusted sources to get reliable updates and information as it happens, in real time. A list of suggested sources can be found here.
  2. If you're not sure about something, don’t share it. Sharing low quality or untrustworthy information only serves to spread this content further, and gives it more visibility to more people. Remember, #ThinkBeforeYouShare #SochKeShareKaro. More best practices can be found here.
  3. Follow the Twitter Rules. Our Abusive Behaviour Policy prohibits behaviour which intimidates, harasses or tries to silence another person’s voice. Our Hateful Conduct Policy prohibits the promotion of violence against - or threats of attack towards - people on the basis of certain categories such as race and ethnic origin, as well as language that dehumanises others on the basis of religion. We also have strict rules against spam and platform manipulation. More information can be found here
  4. If you see something that violates the Twitter Rules, report it. Retweeting or sharing screenshots only serves to spread content further and gives it more visibility to more people. Tagging Twitter employees or Twitter company accounts does not escalate reports. To report a Tweet, click the dropdown menu at the top of the Tweet. More information can be found here.
  5. Customize your experience on Twitter. You can unfollow accounts, block accounts from being able to follow you, and mute accounts, words, conversations, phrases, usernames, emojis, or hashtags. You can disable direct messages, and filter your notifications. More information about these and other safety features can be found here and here.

Twitter is a platform where voices from across the spectrum can be seen and heard. We are committed to the principles of openness, transparency, and impartiality. We have one set of global Rules and we have a specialized, global team that enforces these Rules with impartiality. 

At this significant moment in India’s history, we are here to help every person across the country see #WhatsHappening in real time and access important, high quality information when they need it.

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