#TwitterFlightSchool is now open to all marketers and brands in India

Monday, 7 March 2016

Agencies and brands can now #TakeFlight with our free online education program, Twitter Flight School, an online resource designed to inspire creativity and help partners of all sizes to make the most of marketing on the platform. Available in 16 languages across the world, Twitter Flight School helps agencies learn how to build buzz, launch products, drive sales, and instantly connect with a highly engaged audience on Twitter. The interactive curriculum for brands is packed with exclusive consumer insights and research, in-depth product tutorials, and fresh case studies. The personalised learning experience is designed to elevate the skills needed for ideation and integration of Twitter ad-products into your media mix.

Twitter Flight School is designed to demonstrate best practises and help brands make the most of marketing on Twitter. Our online learning resource helps marketers develop high impact campaigns for brands, helps engage with consumers, and offers practical tips to understand this live ecosystem and to make the most of its real-time capabilities. Best of all, content is bite sized, customised for its audience and optimised for use on mobile devices.

The course includes:

  • Twitter 101
  • Ultimate guide to content planning
  • How to create and manage objective-based campaigns
  • How to reach the right people
  • Launch and optimize campaigns (for buyers)
  • Media planning made easy (for planners)
  • Five marketing plays on Twitter (for account directors/leads)
  • Twitter for executives (for senior leaders only)

What’s in it for you?
Twitter Flight School contains everything agencies need to know to develop high-impact marketing campaigns for clients. We’ve tailored the content and created bite-size modules to address different agency roles and functions, including senior leadership, account planning, and campaign management. You’ll learn:

  • Buying & execution: How to launch and optimize paid campaigns to drive business results and new opportunities.
  • Planning & strategy: How to incorporate Twitter into your media plan to influence key decision makers. Develop a holistic approach to enhance your clients’ marketing strategy and create ongoing business opportunities.
  • Executive leadership: Inspire thought leadership in an evolving digital landscape and learn how to use Twitter to differentiate your personal brand.

Marketers who sign up for Flight School will also gain access to a trove of tips and downloadable presentations they can use to develop campaign ideas and prepare for senior-level meetings, such as:

  • On-demand resource library: Exclusive access to data, research, content, and tools that you can drop into presentations and use on the job.
  • À la carte courses: As we launch new products and best practices, you’ll have access to content that will help you stay up to speed.

How to get started?
Students begin by selecting a job-specific “flight path.” Executives can learn how to use Twitter to build their personal brands and inspire thought leadership, while mid-level marketers can brush up on day-to-day Twitter content planning and budget allocation. Both paths contain a handful of courses that take less than an hour to complete, and can easily be done from a desk or a phone.

When marketers graduate, they’ll be ready to design, launch, and manage innovative Twitter campaigns to achieve goals ranging from awareness generation to sales. Marketers who complete the course will be recognized with a printable certificate and an official badge to display in their email signatures or on their LinkedIn profiles.

  1. Make sure you have a Twitter account (@username). If you don’t, setting one up is easy — just visit twitter.com.
  2. Go to twitterflightschool.com and enroll. Use your Twitter @username and company email address. You’ll receive a confirmation email. If you don’t, make sure to check your spam folder.
  3. Choose your Flight Path based on your role and start your coursework.

Visit twitterflightschool.com/login to take flight today!