Our first #EveryCharacterMatters Week is here

Monday, 13 June 2016

Starting today, Twitter India will celebrate young creators and users in its first-ever week-long live showcase called #EveryCharacterMatters. This curated showcase across Comedy, Lifestyle, Modern Romance, and Music will see over 20 comedians, chefs, musicians, stylists, and more, harness Twitter, Vine and Periscope to connect and create with their followers.

For the first time in India, all week, creators will tell their stories in new, creative, multimedia content forms using Tweets, photos, videos, Vines, and Periscopes. They will collaborate with Twitter users for a richer experience by asking people to Tweet ideas, lyrics, sound clips, and will involve them in their creator’s journey.

Twitter bring you closer to all your favourite things, and you can enjoy them in ways you had never imagined - through candid conversations, live video broadcasts, and short-form videos. This week, you can journey with a musician in the making of a new track, or you can accompany a chef as he walks down the streets and enjoys the local street food.

#EveryCharacterMatters will highlight how every content genre, every character, every personality has a voice on Twitter, and the curated showcase will be a reflection of the diverse youth and creative voices of our country. It will celebrate new forms of digital and live storytelling, and will help users discover and interact with new creators.

Why young creators love Twitter

Food Blogger and Consultant Kalyan Karmakar (@finelychopped)
Twitter and Periscope both have helped me reach out to and connect with lots of interesting people and to share my experiences with others. They help me tell my food stories in a spontaneous, candid, passionate way, which has always been my style of storytelling. Conversations on Twitter, instant comments on Periscope, often from around the world, complement my journey in food, and my blog content, and continue to inspire me to do more.

Beauty and Lifestyle Vlogger Debasree Banerjee (@debasree)
#EveryCharacterMatters is a great step towards encouraging young and niche creators like myself. It will help me reach out to and engage with a larger audience. I enjoy Twitter because it is quick and concise, and it helps me stay connected to my followers in a simple way; I also stay in touch with other influencers and their work on the platform.

World music band Maati Baani (@maatibaani)
We enjoy using Twitter and Periscope for the quality of conversations on the platform; the feedback is quick and the love our fans show is real. People who engage with us connect to the philosophy of the band and are enthusiastic to spread the word of our music. There is nothing more gratifying than seeing a fan Tweet to us in real time at a gig or at soundcheck!

Tweet your love for young creators in India: Your Tweets, your ideas, they create

This week-long showcase will also encourage the creator in every user on the platform, and will showcase how best to use Twitter’s tools and features.

Our first #EveryCharacterMatters Week is here

Who to follow

June 13: Comedy

  • José Covaco (@Hoezaay): José and Cyril (@CyrilDabs) will answer user questions live on Periscope from the #BlueRoom on how to make Vines and tell a story in just 6 seconds.
  • Varun Thakur (@VarunmThakur): Varun will ask followers to Tweet to him about the characters in their daily life, and make Vines inspired by the responses.
  • Anurag Verma (@KitAnurag): Anurag will ask followers to Tweet to him what are the types of characters one finds online in India, and make Vines inspired by that.
  • Aadar Malik (@TheAadarGuy): Aadar will ask fans to Tweet to him what #EveryCharacterMatters means to them and perform a song live based on the responses.
  • Mallika Dua (@MallikaDua): Mallika will create short videos on Twitter based on the characters of Delhi and the kinds of Delhi characters her followers Tweet to her about.
  • Supriya Joshi (@supaarwoman): Supriya will ask followers to Tweet to her about classic SoBo/suburb girl clichés and create Vines inspired by their input.

June 14: Lifestyle

  • Debasree Banerjee (@Debasree): Users to send in their favourite looks and she will invite them to meet in person to teach them how to get that look, enhance your make-up.
  • Magali Vaz (@magali_c): Tweet to her with an everyday item and she will tell you how to style it.
  • Larissa D’sa (@Larissa_wlc): She will show users how to spruce up an ordinary outfit with a DIY element on Periscope.
  • Kalyan Karmakar (@Finelychopped): He will do a series of Periscopes titled ‘Bandra eats under Rs 140’ and it will be about the food as much as the characters behind each stall.
  • Chef Thomas Zacharias (@ChefTZac): To shoot a video of 2-3 ingredients, and he will ask users to guess the name of the ingredients, ask for ideas on flavours, and then he will cook using those ingredients and ideas.

June 15: Modern Romance

  • Permanent Roommates (@TVFPR): The cast of Permanent Roommates will talk to fans about new age live-in relationships from different perspectives of their characters.
  • Aditi Mittal (@awryaditi): As her avatar, Dr. Mrs. Lutchuke, she will play agony aunt to users’ dating issues. She will also do a Twitter Q&A.
  • Pranav Sapra & Sakshi Bawa (@pranavsapra and @Square_boxes): This couple met on Twitter, and they will focus on courting in 140 characters, they will also try to fix up people up by asking users to Tweet what they are looking for. Additionally, they will do a ‘Your First Date’ in 140 characters.
  • Arjun Kanungo (@arjun_kanungo): Arjun will do a Q&A with fans about non-conventional characters and gender roles in modern relationships.

June 16: Music

  • Siddharth Sharma (@dubsharma): Siddharth will crowdsource sounds on Twitter and make music with them.
  • Nirali Kartik and Kartik Shah of Maati Baani (@maatibani): They will Tweet a sound clip and will ask users to send across the craziest lyrics for that music.
  • Voctronica (@voctronica): Asking people to Tweet what matters to them, and they will create music based on those themes.
  • Prateek Kuhad (@prateekkuhad): Prateek will ask fans to Tweet to him their favourite lyrics and parts of his new single Tune Kaha.

On Day One the focus was on Comedy, and here’s a look at what the comedians were up to:

You can join the conversation by following @VideoIndia account or #EveryCharacterMatters hashtag on Twitter, which is the best way to get live updates about the program. On the web, go to www.everycharactermatters.com to check out the #EveryCharacterMatters conversations unfold in real time.

#EveryCharacterMatters will put a spotlight on a fresher, younger, more delightful, and hyperlocal Twitter, where content is varied, conversations collaborative, and the fun factor high!