Contribute to the making of a TV show by Tweeting a funny story

Monday, 9 May 2016

TV audiences in India and across the world love to share their viewing experiences on Twitter. They use the platform to get the latest updates about their favourite TV shows and to interact with their favorite actors. Now TV viewers have an opportunity to influence the making of a TV show via Twitter. Fans in India can #TweetAFunnyStory all month and stand a chance to contribute in the making of the next SAB TV (@SABTV) show, Khidki. Twitter is the hub for everyday conversations, relatable comedy and humour, and is the ideal platform to crowd-source a creative process.

@SABTV and the producers of Khidki, JD Majethia and Umesh Shukla (@UmeshkShukla), will shortlist the entries received on Twitter. The shortlisted stories will then be presented to the TV audience in the form of an episodic series on the network.

A special Twitter Q&A was organised with the makers of the show to answer questions regarding the #TweetAFunnyStory initiative.

The makers of the show are looking for unique, yet funny personal stories about something they’ve experienced in life or holds a special place in their memories. Here are some responses from the makers of the show to address frequently asked questions about #TweetAFunnyStory:

Users across the country started Tweeting their funny stories — these are a few examples in English and Hindi: