Twitter is the largest virtual couch to watch Bigg Boss Season 9

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

On Monday, as Bigg Boss (@BiggBoss) and Salman Khan (@BeingSalmanKhan) fans waited in anticipation for the new season of their favourite reality show to start, Twitter provided the perfect window into the excitement across the country. The mood on Twitter was in sync with the show’s entertainment quotient: conversations around #BB9 reached more than 80,000 Tweets on the day of the premiere episode, positioning ‘Bigg Boss Season 9’ as one of the biggest TV moments of the year on Twitter. The Twitter conversation is up more than 100% this year over last year’s premiere episode day.

Hours before the premiere episode went on air at 9 PM IST on Colors TV (@ColorsTV), fans took to Twitter to talk about all the revelations that were in store. As contestant announcements rolled in, viewers Tweeted about their opinions on “jodis”, the show’s new #DoubleTrouble twist, and about Salman’s antics.

You can check out the interactive Reverb Chart:

Twitter is the largest virtual couch to watch Bigg Boss Season 9

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Salman Khan’s Tweet announcing the launch of Season 9 was one of the most shared #BB9 Tweets on Sunday night – viewed over 250,000 times:

At the start of the episode, the actor walked the contestants through the new #DoubleTrouble twist, where contestants would enter the house in pairs:

The show’s official Twitter account @BiggBoss became the go-to destination for fans to get real-time updates on the premiere as the account live-Tweeted throughout the 2.5 hour episode. When contestants entered the house, they used the Twitter Mirror to take exclusive autographed photos of themselves in the house.

What @BiggBoss posted ranged from exclusive photos of the new, neon-coloured Bigg Boss House to performance photos, selfies, and contestant accounts to follow through the season. Just as important, fan reaction was priceless, as many people were happy the wait was over and also surprised with the twists and turns on the Season 9 premiere:

See in Tweets how #BB9 contestants have fun with our #ChallengerApp to create cool videos and gifs:

How to follow the @BiggBoss season:

This year it’s even easier to follow @BiggBoss. Here are the hashtags and accounts you need to participate in all the fun.



#BB9 contestants:
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