Track the #AsianGames on Twitter

Friday, 19 September 2014

Incheon is upon us. The Asian Games is back with its 17th edition, bringing together one of the largest contingent of athletes seen at a regional sporting event this year. With 46 countries competing across 36 sports over 16 days, Twitter can bring you closer to the events in real time. As the clock ticks down to the Opening Ceremony, athletes, fans and experts from India have been taking to the platform to talk about the #AsianGames.

There are several accounts which will be tweeting about news, events and game schedules around the Asian Games. Follow @incheonAG2014en and @ten_sports (the India broadcaster) to get access to real-time information about each game as well as the athletes, and actively join the conversation on Twitter.

Several Indian athletes at the Asian Games are on Twitter and here are some popular accounts. Start following your favourites now.

You can also stay connected to Indian athletes by subscribing to this Twitter List.

To join the discussion or to search for conversations around the Asian Games, include these hashtags in your Tweets:

Here’s to a successful campaign for Team India. Catch you on Twitter!