IPL 7 cruising on Twitter

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

300+ sixes in 30+ matches. The balls are being deposited out of the park with disdain, and as the @IPL juggernaut continues to roll, there’s plenty to look back on. Chennai Super Kings and Kings XI Punjab are running away with it at the top of the table, and things are getting interesting in the middle.

With more than half a month of action to come, the excitement is only building on Twitter. The @IPL is directing fans to engage on the platform with calls-to-actions on-air and in the field.

3 million Tweets related to the @IPL have been sent out so far this season.

To make sure no fan misses his or her matches of choice, there are reminders at regular intervals in broadcast to activate the Twitter IPL calendar, which enables you to receive a mobile phone notification minutes before your favourite team is playing.

In every match thoughts from fans, players and experts on Twitter are being showcased on screen. This is your shot at scoring a Tweet in the world feed.

To take fans closer to the action, @IPL has invested in using the signature-enabled Twitter Mirror, which is bringing to life candid behind-the-scenes moments with the man-of-the-match.

If voting is your thing, there’s lots of play for. #PlayerBattles on Twitter are activated in the broadcast of every single @IPL match and you have the power to egg on your favourites.

On the other hand, if crafting captions is second nature, you can now tweet out the best @IPL highlights with a clever name.

All of this can be viewed on an exclusive webpage on the official IPL website for fans to consume and engage with Twitter data and content. Our friends at @pulselive have brought this to life.

Of course, all of this in turn means that there are plenty of Tweets flying around, so here’s a collection for you.

Depending on who you’re rooting for, your season might be getting started or heading downhill. Either way, there are simple ways to stay in touch with the latest in the IPL on Twitter: follow @IPL, subscribe to this IPL Twitter list, or search Twitter with hashtag #IPL.

Much promise lies ahead. Will we see a new @IPL champion? Or will previous winners come storming back?