Introducing analytics for Twitter Cards

Friday, 24 January 2014

Today we’re beginning to roll out analytics for Twitter Cards to help you understand how your Cards are performing.

Publishers, developers and brands around the world use Twitter Cards to make Tweets more engaging with pictures, videos, content previews, deep links into their apps, and other rich media experiences. In India, publishers like Star Sports (@StarSportsIndia), NDTV (@NDTV), and ESPN CricInfo (@ESPNcricinfo) have been using Twitter Cards with great success.

Now for the first time you can gain insight into how your content is performing on Twitter, and find personalized tips to help make more strategic decisions about your use of Cards.

The Twitter Card analytics dashboard is designed to help you find what matters and take action.

You can customize what you see by selecting the date range and the outcome that you’re interested in driving (URL clicks, install attempts or Retweets). Then, you can compare your current engagement to the global average, view top Tweets based on the outcome you selected, identify your most influential followers, see total impressions, and more.

Along the way, you’ll get insights on how to do even better. Small changes –– using a different Twitter Card, conversing more with the followers who love your content, or installing or changing the location of a Tweet button –– can make a big difference.

Additionally, you’ll be able to access two other types of information about your account in the new Twitter Card analytics dashboard:

Tweets: See how Twitter users are engaging with all of your Tweets.

Introducing analytics for Twitter Cards

Followers: Get insight into who your followers are and the rate at which they’re growing. Identify spikes in follower activity and find a correlation in your Tweet activity.

Introducing analytics for Twitter Cards

To get started with Twitter Card analytics, or if you’re already a card user or advertiser, sign in at or All Card users and advertisers will get access to the new dashboard over the next few days. Check out the Twitter Card analytics developer page for more information on how to become a cards user.