Get set for a Twittery @IPL

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

It’s here. The teams have gathered, the stadiums are decked up and players ready to roll. The seventh season of the IPL started last night with Kolkata Knight Riders (@kkriders) getting a convincing win over Mumbai Indians (@mipaltan), and players, teams and fans have taken to Twitter to talk about the league, including a customary legendary selfie of all the captains of course.

After a super successful partnership between IPL and Twitter in 2013 that saw the number of fans following @IPL on Twitter shoot up by 125% in just 8 weeks, this year holds even more promise.

IPL and Twitter are embarking on a partnership that will seamlessly integrate on-air, on ground and online experiences for you.

Follow all of the #IPL action this season in real time on Twitter.

IPL #Calendar
Ever worry about missing your favourite games? With the support of our friends at @ShopReply, we’ve got you covered. Simply tweet to @IPL with #Calendar and you can choose to receive calendar notifications for IPL matches of your choice on your mobile phone, 10 minutes before the start of each game.

IPL Pulse
If you like your story in numbers and visualizations, this should be of interest. Twitter data will be used to share the tale of IPL-7 in real time, with “IPL Pulse” data visualizations popping up in the broadcast, highlighting the players, conversations and trends that are getting talked about the most. The good people at @pulselive are making it happen and IPL Pulse will also be available to view during the season on the IPL website.

Oh, and if you’re catching a match at the stadium, tweet with #PepsiIPL and watch the visualization grow larger-than-life on the giant screens.

Best Tweets and hashtag battles
Carrying on from last season, you will continue to have the opportunity to see the best Tweets on screen, and vote for your favourite teams and players in the team and player hashtag battles, whose results will be showcased in real time throughout the match.

If you love selfies as much as we do, click and tweet with #IPLSelfie to get featured on the IPL website. Whether it’s with your friends at the stadium, running into your favourite cricketer or other cool ideas that you may have, go crazy.

This one’s for all of us, the crazy cricket fans on the planet. You can receive a personalized photo message with an iconic image from IPL-7 matches when you tweet to @IPL with #MagicMoment. Stay tuned to @IPL for the roll-out date. Our partner @digigraphme is putting this together so that it will be personalized for you, with a message by the captain of the team featured in the photo. Collect away!

This year, we have a new friend on board who promises to get us exclusive behind-the-scenes content from the IPL with a new twist. IPL’s very own SpiderCam will turn into a first-person tweeting object, bringing you shots, and thoughts, from the cricket field in real-time like you’ve never seen before. Ladies and gentlemen, please say hello to @IPLSpiderCam. Go ahead, follow.

There will be many debuts on the field but this one promises to be as much fun. A signature-enabled #TwitterMirror makes it way to the IPL for the first time, and you will have access to candid customized photos from players and the members of the winning team. Keep an eye out for those tweets from @IPL. And while they’re at it, the story of the IPL will also be told through 6-second Vine videos throughout the season. All the goodness, on loop.

Twitter Q&As
Waiting’s never too much fun, so in between matches, the @IPL Twitter account will be regularly taken over by players and commentators where you can toss them your questions and they answer. Don’t forget to play.

There are more surprises to come, and it all adds up to an exciting season, so stay in touch by following @IPL and subscribing to this IPL Twitter list, or searching with hashtag #IPL.

Catch you soon!