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Saturday, 27 September 2014

As @NarendraModi wows audiences in the USA, @Twitter remains the Prime Minister’s chosen mode of communication to provide updates about his historic trip to a combined 9.5 million followers across several accounts. The Ministry of External Affairs (@MEAIndia) and the Prime Minister’s office (@PMOIndia) are live-Tweeting the trip, while the PM is also using his personal account @NarendraModi to Tweet pictures & updates over the five days he will be in the U.S.

Here’s a chronological account of the PM’s journey from India to the United States and the first few meetings that the PM took in New York.

Heres’ a Reverb chart of some of the Tweets about the Prime Minister’s U.S. trip so far. Click here to play.

Follow #ModiInAmerica, only on TwitterThe PM has a packed schedule while he is in the U.S., including his UN General Assembly address and his Madison Square Garden event with the Indian diaspora, culminating in his bilateral meeting with President Obama. For the latest on the PM’s trip to the U.S., here is a collection of accounts to follow to keep track of #ModiInAmerica on a minute-to-minute basis.

Don’t miss any of the action on this history-making trip, log on to Twitter today and follow the story as it unfolds in real-time over the next few days.