Hello India, #ThankYouSachin

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Hello, India.

It all started here, with Tweets like this from users like you:

As the years progressed, you, our users, embraced Twitter to converse and experience moments together and in real time. Moments that were personal and national, tragic and triumphant.

And while you were at it, He signed up too: the one who for the last 24 years has consistently answered a billion prayers:

Now, as @sachin_rt glides into the twilight after announcing his retirement from international cricket, a grateful country bids farewell.

In recognition of the limitless joy that @sachin_rt has brought to our lives for nearly a quarter of a century, we couldn’t think of a more apt message with which to launch our India blog than #ThankYouSachin.

Via this blog, we’ll keep you connected to everything happening on Twitter in India and in the global town square.

If you’d like to thank Sachin as well, BCCI has a special treat in store: a “Digigraph” from @BCCI and Sachin.

Simply tweet an appreciative message for Sachin to the @BCCI handle with the #ThankYouSachin hashtag and you’ll receive back a momentous picture of our hero with a personalized note and digital autograph. Give it a try.

Hello India, #ThankYouSachin

See you on the other side of history.