#TwitterConnect at the #IABUpfronts 2020

Tuesday, 13 October 2020

Welcome to our #TwitterConnect presentation where we are delighted to be able to showcase some of the publisher partner content on Twitter over the next 12 months for our #IABUpfronts.

With so much happening in the world record numbers of people are coming to Twitter to see, share and talk about what’s happening. Our Q2 Daily Active User numbers rose by 34% Year on Year to 186m. 

We’ve seen massive growth in video views in the past year because people want to engage with visual and video content on Twitter. To put some numbers around that - there’s been a 95% increase in daily video views in the last 18 months and an 84% increase in the amount of time people spend watching video. We also know that Tweets with videos attract around 10x more engagement than Tweets without video. 

We’re continuing to make it as easy as possible for people to see what’s happening on Twitter and earlier this year we introduced Topics. It’s a straightforward concept - you follow a topic you’re interested in - there are thousands to choose from - and we put Tweets about that topic into your timeline and explore tab without you having to follow all the accounts Tweeting about that topic individually. 

And we’re also giving people more control of the conversations they start on Twitter with the introduction of conversation settings.

In just 22 minutes we will showcase the fantastic ways to connect to publisher partner content on Twitter over the next 12 months.

Amongst other things, we’ll introduce exciting new shows coming exclusively to Twitter in partnership with @GraziaUK and @BuzzfeedUK. We also look ahead to an epic year of sport in 2021 that includes the unique way that @Eurosport will be bringing Olympics coverage to Twitter.  

As always, we are thinking about brands and how they can get involved with all of this brilliant content. The answer is Twitter Amplify and we will explain more in our video below. 

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