What you need to know about Football Twitter and #EURO2020

Tuesday, 3 December 2019

The draw has been announced . England and Wales are through, and Scotland could still be joining them. So, now is the time to be thinking about your Euro 2020 marketing. 

Euro 2020 could be the most exciting championship for years. There are no overall favourites and for the first time, the matches are spread around Europe. 

Here we look at football fans on Twitter and how brands should connect with both them and #EURO2020.

FootballTwitter is more than just the bloke in the pub

Earlier this year, Twitter revealed its groundbreaking Flocks study(4) in the many different communities that exist on the platform. 

The study revealed a number of interesting insights about Football Twitter. 

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First off, football fans on Twitter encompass a wide variety of people. For example, 39% of them are women. 

They are also spread across most age groups from 16 year-old college kids to fifty-somethings saving for retirement. Most live in urban or suburban areas (1).

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Club tribes come together around the national team

The Twitter study found clubs tribes make up the biggest sub-communities on FootballTwitter. However, these unify around the national team when there is a big international tournament like the European Championships. 

These fans also tend to follow their team’s players and Tweet when the team is playing. 

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Three major Football Twitter trends 

Twitter is where cultural trends emerge. Here the Twitter community study revealed the emergence of three significant trends with football fans on the platform. 

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  • Fandom - public devotion for players has led to new types of online communities. A typical example of this is fans designing new kits. 
  • Representation - regardless of appearance, identity, or belief, people want to see themselves represented. One driver is race and ethnicity. 
  • Video - video and other formats are driving engagement. Football videos get an average of 40m views a day in the UK on Twitter. 

Fans are already interested 

The tournament is months away. But interest is already high. The qualified teams are gearing up to finalise their squads in competitive friendlies, while others are battling for the final #EURO2020 places.

Engagement spikes on Twitter where fans Tweet during and around matches, both during qualification and the tournament itself. 

The graphic below illustrates UK Twitter activity around England v Bulgaria and Wales v Hungary ( 3). 

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Accounts worth following on Twitter 

Of course, people on Twitter engage with more than just the matches. 

Some top media accounts to follow around #EURO2020 include @BBCSport, @itvfootball, and @Euro2020

It’s too early to know the final squads. However, if you can’t wait - here is the current @England squad - ordered by the amount of England-related Tweets they have appeared in since September.  

Here you go. We’re not sure about Raheem Sterling in goal, but it looks like a quality attacking team. 

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  2. @hkane
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That’s your team picked @GarethSouthgate

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