It’s What’s Happening: 5 things for brands when planning in 2017

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

As 2017 gets underway, we wanted to take a moment to remind you of five compelling reasons why Twitter can enhance your media plan in 2017.

  1. What’s Happening

    Twitter is used by people with mass influence and by the influential masses. The reason Twitter attracts such an influential audience comes down to two words - What’s Happening? Twitter is the best place to see what’s happening around the things you’re most passionate about be that music, sport, politics, TV or anything else.

    It’s What’s Happening: 5 things for brands when planning in 2017
  2. An influential audience

    Twitter is used by the most connected people in the UK every month - providing brands with an audience that is both massive and influential.

    But what makes this audience even more attractive is their mindset when they come to Twitter. They’re not coming to check out photos of friend’s or to add some filters. They’re coming to discover - that means they’re attentive and looking for things that might interest them in their feed. It also means that they’re more likely to discover, remember and think well of brands when using Twitter compared to other platforms.

    For instance, we know that 68% of UK users felt more positive about a brand after having seen a video from it on Twitter.(2)

    Brand video on Twitter out-performs the benchmark norm, +80% for memory, +53% for personal relevance and +8% for emotional intensity.

    Twitter Video: Attentive Viewing (neuroscience research) 2016
  3. The creative canvas

    Video has always been the medium of choice for brand storytelling and as we saw at the #GoldenGlobes recently it can bring us all together like nothing else.

    Video ads in Twitter’s relevant, real-time feed environment make the biggest impact with our users. There’s a 3.4x higher Tweet recall when engaging with Promoted Tweets with Video vs. overall Promoted Tweet campaigns. (2)

    Twitter’s rich creative canvas - be that native video, branded emojis, pre-roll ads, ScratchReels or GIFs – is being used more and more by brands to engage, inspire, and connect in the moment.
  4. Live

    Twitter has always had a tremendous energy and we recently added to this with an exciting new iteration of live on Twitter – Live Video streaming powered by Periscope.

    Live Video is popular with celebrities, journalists and brands who increasingly use Periscope to give us unique perspectives of events and live shows, adding to the immersive experience we get through their Tweets (check out this from @Airbnb for instance). With Periscope’s 360 video news, the live experience will feel even more real as you teleport into unique experiences as they happen.

    One particular way in which brands are innovating is by combining @JoinNiche and creators with remarkably high quality live streams. This allows them to showcase their products and get them reviewed and endorsed by an expert at the same time, allowing brands to cater for any questions the audience may have about buying that product.

  5. #TwitterWorks

    Brands and agencies are rightly demanding data and research from their media partners to help them better understand the impact of their campaigns. In 2016, we invested in several partnerships with the most respected measurement partners – such as Nielsen and Moat - to help brands measure the impact of their branded messages.

    We’ve also been working with agencies measure the effectiveness of video ads on Twitter. One of these studies with IPG found that video ads in Twitter’s highly relevant feed showed 2x higher memorability (3) than skippable pre-roll ads on publisher sites for unaided and aided recall, as well as message recall.

    2017. It’s What’s Happening.

Sources: 1) Twitter Brand Effects Measurement Norms (Global); 2) Research Now 2015 3) IPG/Twitter 2016 Beyond Completion Rates