How Amnesty used Twitter to spur people to #TakeAction about refugees

Friday, 10 February 2017

Amnesty International (@amnesty) had a simple brief for creative agency O&M London (@OgilvyUK): how could it get people to #TakeAction about the plight of refugees around the world?

It sent teams to film refugees in Kenya and Lebanon and recorded video messages addressed to people who had Tweeted about the crisis. Each video message thanked those Tweeting, and urged them to #TakeAction by signing an Amnesty petition calling on the UN and world governments to do more.

Mick Mahoney, Chief Creative Officer, O&M London, said: “Social listening tells us there is no shortage of people who sympathise with the current refugee crisis facing the world, some 96% of the posts/conversations featuring the word refugee happen on Twitter. It quickly became obvious that the natural home for a campaign like ‘Outrage is not Enough’, whereby we turn justifiable outrage into concrete action – was Twitter.”

Mahoney added: “Our hope is that the campaign will help to motivate people to take the next step in encouraging government to take their share of the crisis that continues to impact millions of people worldwide.”