7 Creative wins on Twitter in January: From #fooddancing to sneaker icons

Monday, 30 January 2017

2017 is barely underway and already we have seen some fantastic creative examples of how brands are using Twitter. Most importantly it shows how brands are using all kinds of video: from scatchreels, and ten second clips, to 60-second TV spots and live.

  1. @Sainsburys

    If you are looking for a great example of the perfect launch campaign on Twitter then this month supermarket @Sainsburys can provide inspiration. It used First View, a Promoted Trend, an emoji and Twitter Moments to launch its #fooddancing campaign.

    Not only did this score high levels of engagement, but it sparked conversation and showed how people were embracing the hashtag.

  2. @Channel4

    Great example of video best practice here from broadcaster @Channel4 as part of its campaign to promote new reality show #Spies. It used huge text overlays as a way to ensure that more information catches people’s eye and informs about the show.

  3. @VirginMedia

    To promote its new Virgin TV V6 set-top box, @virginmedia created these fun attention grabbing scratchreels to get user attention and drive traffic.

  4. @adidasUK

    Live video is going to be huge in 2017 and we have three good examples here for you. From @adidasUK, there was its first Periscope Producer live stream. It brought together three voices in the London sneaker community for its #TLKS open-source talk series. This edition celebrated the cult favourite EQT shoe.

  5. @DIor 

    As Fashion Week approaches we have two examples of what that industry is doing with Periscope. Check these out.

    From @Dior a great use of Periscope Producer to stream high quality video live to bring you closer to the moment.

  6. @LouisVuitton

    From @LouisVuitton its Men’s Fall-Winter 2017 Fashion Show appears in glorious Periscope 360. 
  7. @HSBC_UK

    Finally, @HSBC_UK used First View to help deliver #OneStepCloser. Lots of love for this charming campaign that introduces voice ID technology.