#TheCreativeCollection: Seven Twitter campaigns from January

Friday, 29 January 2016

Gone are the days of “Mad Men”, when a vodka martini would provide the petrol in the creative engine. It seems like a lack of booze in #DryJanuary hasn’t left creativity high and dry after all! January’s top creative campaigns are all whoppers. Let’s put it down to the country’s extraordinary kale intake this month. Keep it up, kale lovers.

This month we have campaigns from the worlds of music, technology, entertainment, and alcohol, among others. Along with strong video examples and inventive GIFs, January has proved to be a hot month for emojis.

  1. @Spotify

    As many as 55% of UK users follow a music account on Twitter (1) and 80% of adults use emoji every day (2), so it’s no wonder Spotify combined these two ace stats to make something completely brilliant. Not only did the launch of the Beatles on Spotify have its own iconic custom emoji, but if you Tweeted with #BeatlesOnSpotify and added another emoji alongside, you’d also automatically receive your own Beatles playlist for that emoji combo.

  2. GoPro and Periscope

    On 27 January, we announced something awesome: you can now broadcast using GoPro. So cool. The X Games were the first event to use it, broadcasting live from Aspen. They’ll be broadcasting daily, showing exclusive first looks at the courses, and broadcasting live from the helmets of the participants. They’ve even put a GoPro on a dog.

  3. @AdidasUK

    No sticking his gum under the table for Arsenal’s Mesut Ozil (@MesutOzil1088). Nope, this guy has some serious skills for Adidas’ new #BeTheDifference campaign. As with so much that Adidas does on Twitter this video brings big name stars closer to fans. Nicely authentic.

  4. @comparethemkt

    We’ve all been there. You’ve got that regular cinema date with your favourite meerkat mate, then one week they ditch you for a proper date. Furry saucepot, Sergei, has to choose between Nicole Kidman and Aleksandr. It’s a tough one, so he let the audience decide. And he did it with our brand new Conversational Ads that make it super easy for people to get involved.

    #TheCreativeCollection: Seven Twitter campaigns from January
  5. @CandyCrushJelly

    Move over, ‘information desk’ emoji, #JellyQueen might just be the sassiest emoji ever. Not only does she have her very own emoji, but she’s also responding to people who use the emoji with some pretty sassy comebacks.

  6. @coorslightuk

    A pint of beer that never fills up, no matter how much you pour in. That’s the stuff of nightmares. But this cinemagraph for Coors Light is strangely beautiful.

  7. @SkyUK

    And finally, to launch Stan Lee’s “Lucky Man” series, Sky installed a Twitter powered vending machine in Waterloo station. Simply Tweet a selfie with #LuckyMan to be in with a chance of winning. One lucky lady won £1000, yet somehow she doesn’t look as delighted as the man who simply won a packet of crisps. Honestly, it looks like it might be his best day ever. So happy.

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2. Source | Emoji ‘fastest growing new language’