#TheCreativeCollection: Eight creative picks for February

Friday, 4 March 2016

What’s better than 28 jam-packed days of creativity? 29 days of course! Thanks to the earth’s orbit, leap year gives us one more day for creative goodness to roll around in this month. The extra day isn’t for proposing to a loved one — it’s for creating marvellous Twitter campaigns. So this month we’re sharing 3-D illusions, scratch reels, personalised trailers, and music to make you dance and think, which all highlight the power of Twitter video.

  1. Samsung UK

    Reality: It’s so twentieth century. Give us virtual reality! Give us VR emoji! Samsung launched its VR headset with its own custom emoji and a very cool ‘Retweet for a reminder’ function. The future is nifty.
  2. Innocent

    Continuing its series of bingo cards, Innocent created this handy little guide to the Oscars. No Stacey Dash moment on there, but then nobody was expecting that one.
  3. Sky UK

    We all love a GIF, but don’t you sometimes look at them and think ‘my life would be utterly complete if I could interact with them?’ Well, you’re in luck. @SkyUK has made a beautiful series of interactive GIFs.
  4. Budweiser UK

    #DreamGoal is back! Grab a Ginsters and get on the pitch. Budweiser’s amateur football competition kicks off with this 3-D optical illusion Vine. Unbelievable tekkers.
  5. Warner Bros. UK

    It’s not often we get to use the phrase ‘sausage wallet.’ But there it is, in the first 20 seconds of the “How To Be Single” trailer. Warner Bros. is encouraging everyone to get the gang together for a trip to the cinema by tagging them in the Tweet to get a personalised #MySquad trailer back.

  6. Sony

    We’ve all been there: alien attacks causing disease, earthquakes, and tsunamis (standard Monday, really). Sony Pictures worked with Niche (@JoinNiche), Twitter’s talent network, to create a series of Vines. Two creators were challenged to recreate their favourite ‘waves’ from the trailer.

  7. McVities

    How good are McVities chocolate digestives? As good as kittens. They are as sweet and snuggly — and to prove it, McVities are letting us have a cat that you can download. Get the app, point your phone at a packet of McVities and the cat is quite literally out the bag. A little AR kitten will dance around on your table. Super cute.
  8. Guinness

    Guinness made full use of Twitter video to release its new Campaign #MadeOfMore. Beautifully filmed, impeccably styled and wonderfully choreographed, but the real points go to the soundtrack. Benny Goodman’s ‘Sing Sing Sing’ is remixed and sounds brilliant.