#TheCreativeCollection: 9 creative picks for March

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Hello, fact fans. Here’s a gem for you: video on Twitter has grown 220x in the last 12 months. While we’ve all been in chocolate induced lethargy this month, video has been making an impact all over the place. Some really gorgeous films that you’ll want to stop scrolling for.

We have examples from the worlds of mobile, sports, retail, automotive, and crisps. So many crisps. As well as the great video from many brands this month, we have some beautiful GIF work (@NissanUK) and examples of how simple but creative ideas can generate high levels of engagement (@Tesco).

  1. Samsung

    Is this the most stylish unboxing ever? Samsung is showing off its new #GalaxyS7 with holograms and some absolutely beautiful animations. A short, snappy video, perfect for watching a video about mobiles on your mobile. Perhaps in a mobile home, while looking at a child’s mobile toy.

  2. Adidas UK

    Ninety-three percent of video views on Twitter are on mobile, but that doesn’t mean all your content has to be short. Great content gets views — simple as. Clocking in just short of seven minutes, the @adidasUK campaign with @Stormzy1 is beautiful, compelling and an ace look back at Stormzy’s life and how he’s got to where he is today.

  3. Carphone Warehouse

    Periscope is perfect for product demos and tutorials. Carphone Warehouse built up the hype of its live stream comparison of the #GalaxyS7 and #LGG5 with this great video. It shows how you can create proper appointment to view Periscope action.

  4. O2

    Oh, that moment. The phone has fallen from your hands, you quickly assess the flooring — carpet? tiles? concrete? Will it survive? It’s the longest second of your life. Time moves so slowly. O2 feel our pain.

  5. Hot cross buns

    Hot cross buns definitely felt the love this Easter! @Sainsbury’s suggested using them for bacon sarnies in its #LittleTwists campaign and Marks & Spencer simply showed off its beautiful buns in all their juicy glory.

  6. Tesco

    This month Tesco came to the rescue of people standing in front of their cupboards, staring bleakly into the abyss, with no idea what to cook. Simply reply to Tesco with some ingredients and its #RecipeWizard shot back with an idea. There were some brilliant cakes in there, but mostly we wanted to hang out with @Hancasio, who simply suggested “gin, pesto and Doritos”. That’s a party right there.

  7. Nissan UK

    Ooohhh… sneaky. Great little Twitter hack here. It looks like an image gallery, but in fact it’s one big beautiful GIF of orange car joy.

  8. The World Cup of Crisps

    So, it’s not technically from a brand, but The World Cup of Crisps contains lots of brands and it’s about the world’s best food and it is really something that has to be shared.

    Following his World Cup of Chocolate, Richard Osman spent the Easter weekend conducting the ultimate battle to find the nation’s favourite crisp. In total 48 flavours fought it out using Twitter Polls, with some very tense quarter finals and nail biting semi finals.

    Wotsits and Monster Munch went head to head in the final, with Pickled Onion Monster Munch edging to a lead of 52% to grab the title. @Betfair supported the entire competition, with all losing bets going to charity. The big question: why weren’t Twiglets (aka the best crisp in the world) included???