Our new #KeepDancing campaign

Thursday, 14 April 2016

GlobalWebIndex data shows the reasons people use social media are changing. In the UK, the biggest growth area in the past 18 months has been from those who say they’re using it to make sure they’re not missing out - social media is becoming more and more about discovering what’s happening in the world.

And if it is happening, you can be sure it’s happening on Twitter. This, combined with Twitter’s ability to connect people across the globe - and data from comScore showing Twitter reaches the more than half of 15-34 year olds in the UK* - is the the motivation for our latest digital campaign, based around the hashtag #KeepDancing.

In addition to the snappy new video, we’ll be working with our friends at places like Spotify to make sharing your passions even easier. If you Tweet what you’re listening to on Spotify for example, your song automatically gets added to our playlist, while over on YouTube we’re working with people like @emma_pickles, @thetomska and @TheHazelHayes who’ll be explaining why Twitter’s so important to them.

And what better way to kick everything off than with a GIF party featuring some of our very favourite artists? From today search #KeepDancing and you’ll see GIFs from top accounts such as @TinieTempah, @ESA, @GlamourMagUK, @TheScript of @TinieTempah and @LucyandLydia. Reckon you can join them? Why not upload your moves to Twitter as well?

*ComScore data shows Twitter reaches 52% of 15-34 year olds in the UK.