It's festival season so tune in, Retweet and enjoy the music with Twitter

Friday, 3 June 2016

So far 2016 has been an emotional rollercoaster for the world of music. We’ve lost some of the most influential artists that the music industry has ever seen, had a break-the-internet Beyonce moment with the release of #Lemonade and shared more new Drake memes than you can shake a stick at, and it’s barely June. One thing you can count on in all of this is the strength of the music community on Twitter where these moments have played out.

Few things unite people the way music does and on Twitter we see this everyday with these vocal, creative and engaged fans sharing their thoughts and opinions on all kinds of genres, often in fun and unexpected ways. If we take a look at our UK research community, a massive 73% of them agree that Twitter is an amazing place to share information about music (1). Take a look at @ladygaga, she knows where it’s at:

And it’s not just major news that set music conversations on Twitter alight, our users love to share the everyday moments, memories and the songs that they are listening to right now. There are millions of mentions of the #NowPlaying hashtag globally every month. Melodic.

Festival season is around the corner, and music fans all over the country are packing up their tents ahead of what’s lining up to be a super #summerofsound. With an incredible 1 in 3 of Twitter users in the UK planning to attend a festival this summer (2), we’re bound to see some amazing content being shared on the platform in the coming months.

But before we lose ourselves in a sea of mud and wellies, let’s take a look back biggest music moments on Twitter over the past couple of months. Check out the video below for some great examples from @eltonoffical, @zaynmalik and @taylorswift13. And of course, @Drake.

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2. Source | Twitter Insiders Research community (@insiders_UK), April 15. N=2010