Introducing #TwitterDaily - bringing fresh insights every day

Monday, 6 June 2016

To gain a deeper understanding of Twitter users in the UK, we launched a survey-based research study conducted for us by Nielsen to gather insights about how Twitter plays a role in people’s daily lives.

After surveying nearly 2,000 active Twitter user in the UK, it is clear that Twitter is an essential part of life and serves many different functions. From keeping up to date with breaking news to watching funny videos, and from searching for holiday ideas to reading about celebrity gossip, Twitter is the first thing many people reach for when waking up in the morning.

Twitter is a daily activity

Twitter accompanies people throughout the day whilst they move from activity to activity. For instance, one in three users have breakfast served with a side of Twitter, and 63% are on Twitter whilst relaxing at home. Twitter also serves the best bedtime reading. More than 40% of Twitter users take a last glimpse of Twitter before drifting off to sleep at night.

Introducing #TwitterDaily - bringing fresh insights every day

Technology and brands

As consumers, Twitter users are open-minded and experimental - more than three quarters of Twitter users in the UK say they like new technology and two in three like to try new brands. Given that 76% of them follow brands on Twitter, brands have many opportunities to connect with them. For many of them, Twitter is the place for brand and product discovery, as well as sharing and reading reviews - 2 in 5 say they seek recommendations on Twitter, and 1 in 5 have shared positive experiences with a brand or product after following a brand.

We are going to be sharing these insights with you on a daily basis starting today. Follow @TwitterAdsUK and check the #TwitterDaily hashtag. We’ll have something new for you daily.