How Periscope Producer x Niche can connect brands with new customers this Christmas

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Periscope is increasingly popular with brands wanting to create a live conversation with their customers by streaming events or key moments. We’ve also seen celebs and journalists on Twitter use Periscope to give us unique perspectives of events and live shows, adding to the immersive experience we get through their Tweets.

The launch of Periscope Producer has opened up further opportunities for brands to connect with existing and new customers in the run-up to the Christmas retail period.

Periscope Producer allows media companies, brands and creators to deliver a high quality feed from external sources, using professional cameras, directly into Periscope without having to use the app. This delivers a much more professional stream. And at the same time, it retains all the interactive features of the Periscope app, allowing viewers to add comments and hearts, and watch live on Periscope and Twitter.

We’ve already seen leading UK Periscopers like @Alexpettitt use Periscope Producer to host live reviews of tech products, simultaneously responding to questions from his audience via Periscope.

Combining @JoinNiche creators with remarkably high quality live streams on Periscope Producer creates an opportunity for brands to innovate.

Brands can showcase their products, reviewed and endorsed by an expert, and also cater for any questions the audience may have about buying that product.

Here’s a simple four-step plan of how an activation might play out for a retailer:

  1. Partner up

    We have the best creators all in one place, with almost 40,000 signed up to Niche. No matter what audience you want to reach, be it fashion or technology, we can help your brand locate the perfect creator partners.
  2. Drive appointment to view

    Working with Niche creators means that they can use their own social media channels to announce they will be running a Live Periscope to review a product. This is a great tactic to drive appointment to view.

  3. Make it interactive

    Powered by Periscope Producer, creators can run a live session that walks consumers through the product and take questions from the audience live. It is a great way to build buzz and excitement around a launch.

  4. Keep promoting it

    Once the Periscope has run, that’s only the start of the story. Your creator partner can share the saved Periscope video across all their social channels, driving extra reach. Meanwhile, you can use Promoted Tweets to get it seen by your target audience.

    If your brand is interested in launching a Periscope x Niche activation, or would you like more information, please contact Luke Townsin at Niche.