How five brands Tweeted about #Eurovision

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

What do cheesy tunes, a man running in a giant hamster wheel and a crooning Polish musketeer all have in common? That’s right! They all took to the stage on Saturday evening for the musical spectacular that was the 2016 #Eurovision song content. This year, the conversation was massive, with people all over Europe - and lest we forget, Australia - getting involved in the lively chat around this year’s final. With an incredible seven million Tweets sent during the show, anyone looking to Tweet about anything other than the #Eurovision had a hard time being heard.

As well as the huge volume of Tweets, Ukraine’s win set a new Eurovision Tweets-Per-Minute record. There were 72,915 Tweets sent per minute globally in 2016. This overturned the previous #Eurovision record of 48,461 Tweets-Per-Minute in 2015 set by Georgia.

Fans and brands got creative, with some of the best LOLs of the evening, Tweeting live quips and comments as the acts performed.

  1. Cadbury

    In the UK, @CadburyUK owned the conversation by running a #Eurovision Promoted Trend. Throughout the evening, it invited fans to celebrate by rolling out a timely series of videos capturing the buzz of the conversation on Twitter. Fun and energetic imagery that cleverly name checked each country as they were about to perform. This one of an excitable and hungry puppy is a particular favourite.

    Others included, a nod to the Croatian singers amazing outfit:

    And Australia:

    Lots of other brands got involved in the #Eurovision conversation as well. Let’s take a closer look at some of the best brand examples from the evening.
  2. PaddyPower

    If your country happened to be knocked out in the semi-final (we’re looking at you Ireland), @PaddyPower was on hand to help pick a new one to support. It also had an idea about the UK entry.

  3. Innocent

    @Innocent made the mind-boggling rules behind the #Eurovision voting system easy to understand with this handy pie chart, which formed part of a night of Tweeting for the healthy drinks brand.

    Always eager to help, it also provided this amazing updated world map to make sure everyone was on the same page.

  4. Dominos UK

    @DominosUK served up the perfect combo with this emoji song competition to win pizza prizes.

  5. Tesco

    @Tesco catered to the #Eurovision party people with some tasty recipes. It also engaged users in conversation with some great #Eurovision party tips.

    In the end the UK entry might not have won but the boys did give it their all and they got a lot of love on Twitter.

    So just one more time: