Getting ready for #Rio2016 and connecting with fans on Twitter

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

The lasting glow of London 2012 is helping fuel the excitement and Twitter conversation as we edge closer to the start of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

The Olympics, as we experienced first-hand in the UK, bring people together. They generate a huge conversation that takes place on Twitter, which provides the live connection to sport that so many enjoy. That was one of the findings that emerged from a research study conducted for Twitter by Research Now. It found that 78% of Twitter users agreed that the Olympic Games bring people together, partly because the Games are more than just a sporting event.

Many of those people will come together in front of their TVs, where they will dual-screen to join the conversation, as they watch the dramatic sporting action unfold. The study found that 87% of Twitter users intend to watch the Games on TV or online.

There are huge opportunities for brands during the Games, to get involved and share great stories with consumers.

Four things for brands to keep front-of-mind ahead of #Rio2016

  1. Entertainment - Sport is a wonderful chance to entertain Twitter users. Make good use of humour to share what’s going on in Rio. That might be through using video assets, or creating exclusive branded content such as GIFs and images, which can now take advantage of Stickers.
  2. Inspiration - The Olympic Games can be hugely inspiring, full of sporting glory and emotion. The research showed that Twitter users have a preference for content that inspires people to think or act on issues of a global scale, in addition to celebrating individual athletes or a national team. People are always looking for brands to inspire them personally and at the same time to showcase brilliance of normal people. Brands can succeed here by remembering that inspiration can be small-scale making it authentic for consumers.
  3. Utility - With teams racking up wins and new records being set there is a huge chance to play a part and help your audience keep track of what’s happening. The Games last a total of 19 days with 207 nations, 306 events in 42 sports, and more than 10,000 athletes participating. For fans, it can be difficult to keep track of the action, so help them out.
  4. Behind-the-scenes access - Our study also uncovered that fans who follow the Games on Twitter are interested in more than what’s happening on the field. Twitter is not only where news breaks first but it offers a unique point of view.

31 days left till #Rio2016! Join @TeamGB in the countdown with this video, featuring highlights from the #RoadToRio so far.

Getting ready for #Rio2016 and connecting with fans on Twitter
Source | Global Olympics survey with Research Now, Jan 2016, UK, n=1269. Twitter Inc.