From big red trucks to red cups: 8 creative wins on Twitter in November

Friday, 2 December 2016

This really is the Christmas special. It has a sprinkling of everything you could wish for. We have big red trucks and much smaller red cups accompanied by a host of Twitter creativity. This month we have fab uses of custom emojis, Twitter Stickers, great hashtags and TV integrations and a Tweet price drop.

  1. @CocaCola_GB

    There are some big signifiers of the start of Christmas: a first taste of mince pie, the town lights going on, the return of @StarbuckUK’s Red Cups. But none is arguably more famous than the first showing of the Coca Cola truck TV ad. This year it was easier than ever to make sure you didn’t miss out. By simply Retweeting @CocaCola_GB’s Tweet, Coke fans received a reminder on Twitter letting them know when it was on air. Coca Cola ran a First View and Promoted Trend for the day to make sure it was seen by everyone on Twitter.

    A beautiful custom truck emoji was the cherry on top of the (mince) pie.

  2. @StarbucksUK

    Speaking of @StarbucksUK, we have to mention how the brand used Twitter Stickers. We loved it! What a great way to let coffee lovers know that #RedCups were back in town.

  3. @LidlUK

    Lidl is using Twitter data in a unique way this Christmas - allowing customers to reduce the price of an item by Tweeting about it. Each week a different item is chosen, from serrano ham to lobster. Each time someone Tweets about it, or uses the hashtag #LidlSurprises, the price in store is lowered. Nifty.

  4. @innocent

    Innocent is always lauded as one of the best brands on Twitter, and rightly so. It’s consistently funny, entertaining, and always reacting to what’s happening now in the world. After eight and half years behind the keyboard, it decided to shut down the computer for a day, and instead responded to all Tweets with #HandmadeTweets. The beautiful drawings and notes were pulled into a Moment at the end of the day, allowing people to catch up on all the fun.

  5. @marksandspencer

    I think that perhaps Mrs Claus might be the most glamorous character this Christmas. For 48 hours Mrs Claus was given control of the Marks & Spencer Twitter account, responding to all the brilliant messages from fans up and down the country.

  6. @adidasfootball

    This is such a nifty use of ScratchReels, our interactive gif Tweets. The brand new Ace 17 + Purecontrol football boots were revealed behind a ripped poster, allowing users to see the product with just a swipe of a thumb.

  7. @PlayStationUK

    Let’s face the inevitable: it’s the time of the year for twerking at the xmas party. Sure, we’ll regret it. But it has to be done. Playstation launched a 48 hour Promoted Trend for #PS4BlackFriday this year with some brilliant offers. It also did a wonderful job of integrating the hashtag strategy into its TV and @ShortList campaigns. Most importantly, Nathan and Sully from Uncharted twerking. You can’t unsee this.

  8. @johnlewisretail

    This Christmas John Lewis gave us #BusterTheBoxer, and showed us how to brilliantly tease the campaign with the #bouncebounce hashtag and how to follow that up by bringing Buster and his friends into our world by using #TwitterStickers!

All of this month’s Tweets can be found in our Twitter Moment here.

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